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Our Hive

Emergent Playbook is a team of change-makers who invite you to join us in reimagining leadership for the complex world we share. We provide organizations with coaching, culture and community that seed a new way for humans to do work.

Jim Anderson

Jim holds a space of deep presence and infinite curiosity for his clients. His capacity to ask potent, timely questions and to listen with every fiber of his being enables people to be seen, heard and loved.

Ali Boyd

Passionate about aligning meaning, purpose, and practice, Ali brings her unique lens of business school professor and seasoned executive coach to lift the effectiveness, performance, and success of mission-driven leaders and organizations.

Renelle Darr

Renelle balances her intuitive sense of people’s gifts with an ability to spark rapid growth and results. She helps individuals and teams see their potential and take courageous leaps forward.

Sam Elmore

Sam is passionate about working with entrepreneurs. With a background in theater, he invites people into a direct experience of their bodies, in the present moment, as a way to activate vitality and service.

Jody Gold

Jody unlocks the collective intelligence and heart of teams to solve persistent, profound, and complex challenges. His practical approach is a capacity multiplier for how well people think, decide, and act together.

Beth Ronsick

With extensive global experience and clients from over 35 countries, Beth weaves diversity into strength. She creates a force-field of trust between team members that revitalizes company culture.

Melissa Ryan

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Melissa is committed to creating a more relational world. She helps individuals and teams cultivate their enthusiasm while also increasing their relational and cultural competency skills through business therapy.

Carolyn Tilden

Rooted in love, Carolyn sees beauty in all things. She cultivates deep relationships so she and others can courageously face what is and be energized by the possibility of what wants to emerge.

Lois Todd

Lois is an impeccable coach gifted at guiding people and organizations to their own conclusions, their own insights, their own purpose. She supports inner wisdom downloads by focusing on integrating beliefs and values to encourage what matters most.

Forrest Wilson

Forrest works with the full spectrum of humanity in doing the work of healing, development, and awakening. His work invites people to practice presence, deepen in wholeness, and open up to what wants to emerge with and through us, right now.
The Emergent Playbook team fearlessly conducts high quality learning experiments where they stretch themselves to learn and grow in support of those they serve. They do all this with a spirit of delight and curiosity–as well as a deep respect for each other and a commitment to support each other across their learning edges. If these are the qualities you want to grow in your organization, consider them as your guides.”

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