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you blinked.
the world changed.
don’t be left behind.

we’ll help you future-proof your organization.

leadership journeys

Coaching and conscious leadership programs to shift your relationship to yourself, others, and the system as a whole.

organizational shifts

Custom programs designed to generate collective capacity, strengthen connections, and evolve your organization.

experiential retreats

Deep dives of contemplation, somatic work and community to help you accelerate and sustain change.


the game is changing.
it’s happening fast.
let’s adapt together.

One day the world you knew was gone.

Now that little voice in your head is no longer nagging. It’s big and it’s shouting – something has to change.

But how do you balance greater meaning with greater profit?

Embrace the emerging truth that organizations have souls.

And it’s the individuals who listen to the calling who will transform themselves, their businesses and the world.

Join us and start the journey.


Our Founders

Emergent Playbook is a team of change-makers who invite you to join us in reimagining leadership for the complex world we share. We provide organizations with coaching, culture and community that seed a new way for humans to do work.

Beth Ronsick

With extensive global experience and clients from over 35 countries, Beth weaves diversity into strength. She creates a force-field of trust between team members that revitalizes company culture.

Jim Anderson

Jim holds a space of deep presence and infinite curiosity for his clients. His capacity to ask potent, timely questions and to listen with every fiber of his being enables people to be seen, heard and loved.

Renelle Darr

Renelle balances her intuitive sense of people’s gifts with an ability to spark rapid growth and results. She helps individuals and teams see their potential and take courageous leaps forward.

Sam Elmore

Sam is passionate about working with entrepreneurs. With a background in theater, he invites people into a direct experience of their bodies, in the present moment, as a way to activate vitality and service.

Get in touch.

Contact us to learn more about working together.

    Get in touch.

    Contact us to learn more about working together.